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CSL Plasma GmbH
Emil-von-Behring-Straße 76
35041 Marburg
telefon: +49 6421 39 12
Fax:: +49 6421 39 41 29

Dyrektorzy zarządzający
Mike Deem; Berthold Suesser; Michael Schroeder
Marburg (Lahn)
Rejestr handlowy
Marburg (Lahn) Nr. HRB 2441
Numer identyfikacyjny VAT
DE 136717666
Organ regulacyjny
Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt, Luisenplatz 2, 64283 Darmstadt

Terms of Use

The following provision on the right of use is applicable to the relevant version of the browser-based application "Supplier System/Plasma Portal" provided by CSL Plasma.

For the term of contract, CSL Plasma grants the customer the non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable right to use the Plasma Portal for the approved execution of the application for the purpose of plasma delivery management and PDI/lookback. The customer himself is the only one entitled to make use of the Plasma Portal. The right of use is restricted to the number of users agreed with the customer and to the employees of the customer listed with CSL Behring as registered users.

The use of the Plasma Portal is technically subject to the input of a user name and a password to be defined by the customer. The customer may change the password at any time.

All rights to the Plasma Portal application remain with CSL Plasma.

The server of CSL Plasma is exclusively accessed by means of the browser-based Plasma Portal application provided by CSL Plasma. The customer has been informed about the necessary requirements for the use of the CSL Plasma Portal as regards browser software (product and version) as well as access requirements and has been instructed how to get access. The customer is under the obligation to choose secure passwords, only known to him, and to change them regularly during the term of contract with CSL Plasma in order to ensure an appropriate system access protection.

The customer shall provide proper and complete information requested by CSL Plasma upon conclusion of contract and other data required for the proper performance of contract, and shall appoint a permanent authorised representative as contact person, indicating e-mail address and postal address. Furthermore, the customer shall give CSL Plasma the names of all users who need to have access to the Plasma Portal application. Any changes of the above mentioned data are to be communicated to CSL Plasma without delay.

The customer is responsible for complying with the necessary requirements for use at the customer's, in particular by providing the system requirements, infrastructure as well as the Internet connection between customer and CSL Plasma up to the point of transfer to the Internet. He shall observe state-of-the-art technical and organisational safety standards and ensure his systems will not involve any hazards (e.g. viruses) to the systems of CSL Plasma (e.g. by exchange of infected files or use of insecure browsers).

Plasma Portal is a GxP application. It may, therefore, be subject to internal and external audits and inspections. It includes an audit trail, saving data changes in a user-related and time-stamped manner. To ensure proper function, the application saves cookies on the user client.